Feldenkrais training for performance and life
The Feldenkrais Method ®: an introduction
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What is The Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method® works by developing awareness of the body’s movement, actual and imagined. This focus on the meeting of thought and action helps free the body and mind to open new spaces for ease, energy and creativity. The discovery of new and varied ways of moving may also bring release from emotional and psychological patterns, or habitual ways of moving, that limit our potential. Feldenkrais teaches how attending to the relationship between the muscles, the mind, the nervous system and the skeleton, positively influences thoughts and feelings as well as physical flexibility. Learning through the The Feldenkrais Method® brings new ways of learning for ourselves. What happens? An integrated change in the whole person which can alter the quality of life.

I want to offer people ways of moving and thinking they can take out into their lives. Discoveries made in movement provide metaphors for all of life, bringing more vitality, more pleasure. Developed internal awareness helps participants find more options of movement, more possibilitiess for thinking: an easier, more intelligent way to be in the world.

Who was Moshe Feldenkrais?

How is The Feldenkrais Method® Learnt?

The Method is learnt in two ways based on the same strategy of enquiry:

Group sessions using Awareness Through Movement lessons (ATM)

One-to-one sessions known as Functional Integration (FI)

Both techniques start with non-judgemental observation, through open awareness.

The lessons are enjoyable, deceptively easy and the benefits can be felt immediately!
Lisa Dart, Writer

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“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

Moshe Feldenkrais