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Westminster Cathedral Choir School
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Westminster Cathedral Choir School
The young Choristers at Westminster Cathedral are of course extremely musically gifted and highly motivated. Given how boys at this time of their lives grow in such unpredictable spurts they are constantly having to readjust their self-image and integrate how these physical changes effect their singing.
I work closely with Master of Music, Martin Baker, singing teacher Anita Morrison, and school staff, we identify the individual needs of the choristers. For example, many tension issues, such as lifted shoulders, lack of flexibility in the sternum and ribs and restricted mobility in the pelvis, compromise good breathing and the full vocal sound that Martin and Anita are looking for. Awareness through Movement lessons help release these constraints, freeing the voice as well as increasing stamina. Sitting and standing for long periods of time can also be significant challenges for the choristers. Feldenkrais lessons help the boys use the idea of active sitting and standing to manage the exacting demands of rehearsals, services, performances and recordings.
The workshops are fun and often faster paced than classes for adults.  The boys are fascinated by anatomy and physiology  (particularly skeletons and brains!), so we have lively discussions about what they think is “going on”.  I ask them to think of themselves as research scientists observing themselves before the lesson, during and after. What do they discover? What is happening? How could this be useful for their singing?  How can it improve their every day lives?
Isn’t it weird that your body knows what to do better than you do. Chorister
It feels impossible to slouch.
It’s like the room is trying to find its balance.  


If you would like to discuss introducing Feldenkrais sessions at your school or college please contact Rebecca Meitlis



“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

Moshe Feldenkrais