Feldenkrais training for performance and life
The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM)
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The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM)

At the RNCM   a course of ten weekly Feldenkrais classes are offered to all undergraduate and postgraduate vocal students. The course was planned with Lynne Dawson, Head of the School of Opera and Vocal Studies, to meet the needs of the students. We start with lessons to improve balance in standing and walking. Then we continue with lessons to find greater flexibility in movement, and awareness of self and others in space. All these lessons help improve breathing and there are also specific breathing lessons as well as lessons for freeing the jaw and tongue.

Students begin to realise how everything is connected – physically, emotionally, and through thought and imagination. We look at how each student can adapt the lessons for their own practice and performance, as well as considering the philosophy and strategies of the Feldenkrais Method in their daily lives. By doing these lessons students are creating within themselves a healthy ecology to grow in all areas of their conservatoire life. (PDF course outline)
Performance anxiety

I am better at feeling stiller and centred and able to let go and let the floor carry my weight. Hence when I am performing I’m better at not feeling so scared and I have a sense of groundedness. 
Postgraduate Student

It has helped as a preparation before performances- aiding performance related anxieties; encouraging focus. It’s a way of ‘getting in the zone’! 
Postgraduate Student
The way that Feldenkrais helps me get into my inner-body awareness and release unnecessary tension actually helps me while composing, as I often feel that my physical response to music gives me important feedback about the music itself, which my thinking-mind can sometimes get in the way of. It just frees the process up a lot!  Postgraduate Student
Healthier, more balanced lives

It has helped me change my mindset with regards to putting my health first and having a balanced lifestyle i.e. spending more time enjoying my hobbies and unwinding after a hard day. It has helped me focus and each week made me remember why I am here. I have learnt a lot about my body and myself. 1st Year B Mus Student
Generally I have the feeling of being less stressed, even in non-singing related activities. Sleeping is somehow easier. Being more aware of my body also helped me in academic studies with concentration.
Postgraduate Student
Self-help tools to recover from setbacks

Having suffered through some severe illness over the past three weeks. I found that several of the Feldenkrais lessons were beneficial for the improvement of my breathing and stamina. Postgraduate Student

If you would like to discuss introducing Feldenkrais sessions at your school or college please contact Rebecca Meitlis

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“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

Moshe Feldenkrais